Unrequited love: What Is It? How Can I Step Out From It?

Unrequited love is universally understood and recognized by many poets and philosophers. Even it has been in research by social scientists for many years. A large proportion of our population is dealing with unrequited love. Unrequited love is seen more in high school and college-going children. Another name for unrequited love is one-sided love.

What Is Unrequited Love?

Have you ever experienced the romantic feelings of love and those butterflies in your stomach when you look at your crush? How beautiful those feelings are! But imagine your crush, who has no idea that how deeply you are in love with him/ her. Unrequited love is just like that but it exists in many different forms.

Unrequited love can be explained as when you love someone so deeply that sometimes you don’t even care for yourself and the other person is not returning or rewarding the same love. And when they leave you, you experience grief, feelings of loneliness, and loss of self-confidence.

6 Signs to Know If You Are Stuck In Unrequited Love

These are the few signs so that you know if you are stuck in the situation of unrequited love

  1. You are the only person that makes the effort to communicate

If you are the one that always takes some time to spend with your partner, you are one who always texts first or who is always there when the other person is in need of someone. If your answer is yes then you should look more clearly in your relationship that if the other person is equally interested in you or not.

  • Physical intimacy is lacking in your relationship

Your partner always avoids being physical. You want to hug them or be intimate with them but they always avoid it.

  • You are the one who is always proved wrong

When someone cannot love enough they prove the other person wrong. They try to blame the other person instead of accepting their mistakes that’s how the relationship turns into a toxic relationship and destroys your peace.

  • Your partner ignores you

If your partner is ignoring you and is not paying attention to your texts or calls then he/ she may not consider you that much important. But don’t rely on this sign as this generation is always busy doing something, maybe your partner is also busy. Try to talk to them and make things clear.

You are not happy / you are always worried

The reason may be your unhealthy relationship. And you are constantly worried about your partner and your relationship. You are worried so much that it has started affecting your daily life.

  • Always putting so much effort; always keep giving and still feel alone

If you are the one who always keeps your partner on number one priority and still is not happy. You should pay more attention and look at who is giving and who is taking.

What Are the Types of Unrequited Love?

Unrequited love may present in different forms. These are explained below

  1. Longing for someone who is not available for you: Attraction towards your crush or liking someone who is an actor or who is in the spotlight, are some examples of this type of unrequited love
  2. Loving someone who does not love you back or return the same feelings: As in a friendship, you are longing for a romantic relationship while your friend I unknown of your feelings and he keeps ignoring you many times.
  3. Stuck in an emotional connection with your past lover: It is the most common situation in which many of us get stuck. Getting over your ex is very difficult after the breakup.
  4. Both people in a relationship are not in love with each other but they love someone else.

How to Heal From the Heartbreak of Unrequited Love?

It now may seem almost impossible to get out of this heartbreak but don’t worry you will recover from this heartbreak very soon by following these useful tips.

  • Remember! Every difficult situation comes with a lesson worth learned

When you are in a difficult situation you feel so over-exhausted but soon when you step out of the situation, in the end, you have acquired a lesson that is worth the pain. After this experience, you will be more careful while choosing your partner and you will learn what your needs in a relationship are and what do you want from the other person and that’s how it will be very beneficial to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship that will keep your life at peace

  • Take time to relax and enjoy the grief

Grieving after heartbreak is a natural process. So enjoy its duration while it lasts.

  • Try to think positive

Don’t think that you are the one reason that your relationship didn’t work. There is no problem with your entity, you are completely fine. It’s just that not everyone can value your feelings.

Try to stay busy

When you will try to stay busy and try to focus on work/ study you will tend to concentrate more on it and eventually you will be free of negative thoughts and you will start reliving your life

  • Try to focus on your growth
  • Evaluate yourself, like notice those things that make you happy, learn what your interests are
  • Find the things that make you happy and you enjoy doing those activities.
  • Try to learn a new skill that will make you satisfied. This will also help you to build your career

 When to Seek Help?

You can seek help from a therapist when you:

  • Don’t feel like doing something
  • Always think of self-harming yourself
  • Have tried to do suicide or any self-harming act
  • Cannot get back to your normal routine
  • Keep on thinking negative thoughts
  • Cannot control your emotions

 Last words

Unrequited love is painful and stressful but it is possible to step out from it. There is always some ways to deal with every problem. Give yourself time, don’t freak out. The important step is to take help if you need whether it’s a friend or a therapist. 


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