Remote Distance Healing

As a remote distance healer, I can send light, healing energy to you, anywhere in the world. The time frame for a remote session is pretty much up to you. However, I highly recommend that you aim for no longer than one hour. The reason being that our connection will be strongest and most effective within the first thirty minutes or so of our work together, after which there is a tendency for things to get weaker and less effective. Thirty minutes is enough time to do some very powerful work and get some very dramatic results.

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High Ranker is a self-taught psychologist and a freelance writer. He graduated in botany and likes to describe himself as a nature lover. He spends most of his time exploring different subjects and navigating existing academic research. He has a profound interest in health sciences and issues related to scientific research. When he's not writing something, you can find him talking to random people, reading a book, or gardening at home.

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