Raikov Effect: How Can You Become a Different Personality


We always wish to be someone else. For example, as we see some actors or artists on social media we instantly want to dress like them and we acquire some traits of them for some time. Have you thought if you can completely become someone else? Well, it is possible according to raikov effect.

Raikov effect is a technique and this technique was developed by Dr. Vladimir Raikov. Vladimir Raikov is a Russian neuroscientist. He conducted some studies on his students in Moscow between 1960 and 1970. In those studies, he found out that a person can acquire someone else’s skills and personality by simple hypnotic techniques.

What is the Raikov Effect?

Raikov effect is a technique in which you can acquire someone else’s genius by simply converting your thought process into someone else’s thought process.

For example, if you admire someone’s personality, you have to convert your thoughts into his/ her thoughts. Raikov effect will help you do this. Through the Raikov effect, you can work on your thoughts with simple techniques.

By thinking in the same way as your idol thinks you can slowly improve your abilities and can acquire the skills that your idol has. In this way, you can improve your skills, physical activities, and thought processing.

How does the Raikov Effect Work?

To explain how does it works is not easy but we will try to elaborate on it. Raikov effect uses the principles of hypnotic trance. Hypnotic trance is a state of semi-consciousness in which a person is not well aware of the surroundings and he/ she is either not reacting to the external stimuli or reacting in a particular way by following the person who has done this process.

Hypnotic trance will help the person and train his/ her brain to think like his/ her model. By imitating the thoughts of a personality under hypnotism, the person thinks of himself/ herself as he has become like his idol. By thinking like this, the thoughts of the person start working in the same way as his/ her idol. Through this technique, someone can develop skills like his/ her idol, can sharpen their intellectual abilities, and can do wonders in their life. 

Raikov effect works on the following steps

Step1- To decide which abilities you want to acquire to get success in your future goals keeping an idol in mind

Step2- As we know raikov effect works on thought processing, after deciding the abilities our next step is to start thinking about those abilities and consider that these are going to be your abilities

Step3- Now, think about the qualities of someone that you admire. It can be anyone (like businessman, successful entrepreneur, or any scientist). After thinking about the abilities start visualizing them in your mind as if they are your abilities.

Step4- After thinking and considering all the qualities and abilities in your mind start listening to the audio exercises of raikov effect and follow all the instructions that are mentioned in that.

By following these steps you will be able to enhance your intellectual abilities with the help of raikov effect

7 Elements of the Raikov Effect

Dr. Vladimir Raikov developed this technique and described how someone can benefit from these techniques by following these essential 7 elements.

The 7 elements are described below

  1. Hypnosis and Deep Trance
  2. Relaxation
  3. Visualization
  4. Suggestion
  5. Positive Thinking
  6. Believing
  7. Modeling

Hypnosis and Deep Trance

Through hypnosis, you can take control over someone’s mind and try to make them act like you say because during hypnosis there is enhanced capacity to respond to someone’s suggestions. Deep trance is a state of deep relaxation and creating circumstances in which the person is not fully conscious. The person is in a semi-conscious state while performing the technique of deep trance.


When you are in a relaxed state your mind is more willing to take new information and learn new skills. Relaxation is a state of low tension, during relaxation you don’t take too much stress that’s why there is a high chance of learning and acquiring something new.


It involves the idea that if we want to become someone else we have to visualize that we have become that person it means we have to visualize that we are capable of doing what we want to do. It gives our minds a sense of encouragement.


This step involves getting suggestions so that it becomes easy to visualize ourselves as a person that we want to become and our min can acquire their abilities and skills

Positive Thinking

These suggestions help us to think positively and give us the motivation to become someone that we want to become. The principle of the law of attraction is involved in this process. If we want something and we work passionately and positively towards it we are going to achieve it anyhow.


Believing in ourselves and believing in circumstances encourage us to work on the same path and in the end, we achieve our purpose. This step is also based on that principle. If we believe that we will become just like our idols then our minds tell us to do the same.   


This is a very important element. Believing that you can model someone actually helps you to do so and by modeling someone, gradually you become like them

Benefits of the Raikov Effect

With its help, you can enhance your mental abilities of your desired areas

Raikov Effect can help you to be someone that you have always wished to become like

If you don’t feel good about yourself it will help you to relax and evaluate yourself

If you are not happy with your skills, it will help you to change your skillset

Raikov Effect will help you to acquire qualities of someone else that you don’t have but you have always wished for

This effect will help you to imitate the personality that you admire

Is the Raikov Effect Harmful?

Although it is nice to enhance your mental abilities and intellectual properties it is also very harmful to acquire someone else’s abilities. One should be happy with their own personality.

The other thing is that our personality is determined by our genes and it cannot be changed by any techniques.

Although these techniques can modify our traits a bit but cannot completely change our personalities. It is not scientifically possible to change someone’s personality.

Raikov Effect Review

If we talk about its authenticity, it is clear that nothing can change a person’s personality as it is determined by the genes unless we change its genetic makeup. Environmental stimulus or suggestion can change our personality a little bit but cannot completely change our genetic makeup. All these products and techniques are nothing but scams.

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