Preggophilia: What Is Preggophilia? And Everything You Need To Know


All human beings have different attraction preferences some you already know and some you may still not know. The attraction of some people is very weird and confusing. Preggophilia is considered under the category of attraction kink. We define an attraction kink as an attraction act that is consensual but is against the traditional way. Some examples of attraction kink are masochism, role-play, and sadism.

Behaviors like preggophelia are considered a fetish, but these acts are consensual. While there are some illegal Love behaviors and those behaviors create more problems in society. Pregnancy fetishism, maiesiophilia, and maieusophoria are some other words that are used for preggophilia.

What Is Preggophilia?

It involves attraction toward pregnant women and their bodies. People feel aroused by pregnant women, they keep fantasizing about them. Men and women both can be attracted to pregnant women. The person (man/ woman) who are attracted to pregnant women are called preggophiles. It is composed of two words, Preggo which is a slang word and is used for pregnant women, and philia which means affection or love.

Preggophilia is a word that is not very older in usage; it is more used these days and in previous days its synonym maiesiophilia was mostly used to describe this. Some cultures consider this a taboo while some cultures do not have an issue with it.

How It All Starts?

Here we will try to understand why this unusual behavior happens in some people

  1. It Can Start from a Thought in Your Mind

Thoughts in your mind can change the way you behave. Whether your actions or behavior, it all depends on how you think about them in your mind. Thoughts and views can tell how a person can behave in different situations.

  • It can be triggered by an already existing feeling

How someone can develop feelings for a pregnant woman is unexplainable. If you ask a preggophile, they will say the feelings develop for a pregnant woman as normal as they would have developed for someone else. But they don’t know when the feelings have started developing in them, they just exist.

  • Psychological and Social Influences

There are many social and psychological factors that influence human behavior. Some behaviors, when they are encouraged by others, are stimulated more. Social media can also have a strong impact on the thoughts of people.

  • Lack of Education Can Also Be a Reason

People do not know much about human attraction and love education that’s why they also do not know how to react in such situations.

What Are The Symptoms of Preggophilia?  How Can You Know If You Have Preggophilia?

Following are some symptoms to know if your condition relates to preggophilia.

  • Fantasying intense scenes about pregnant women more often
  • You spend more time thinking about pregnant women
  • When you see a pregnant woman, you are aroused and you cannot control your feelings and emotions.
  • You enjoy watching or reading content that is related to preggophilia.
  • You are not aroused in a act until your partner does not involve in a role-play related to preggophilia

Causes of Preggophilia

Research studies are still being conducted to know more about it but here we will discuss some of the knowledge that is explained in early

Many psychological conditions and mental health problems are also involved and play a role in causing preggophilia.

Human behavior is mostly developed by the stimulus that he/ she receive in their childhood. For example, there are more chances that the older child develops preggophilia as compared to the younger ones because the younger child has never seen any pregnant women in his/ her childhood.

Some pre-existing conditions can also lead to this condition. Research is being conducted on this topic but still not enough knowledge has been gathered.

Hormones can also trigger the interests in a person but that is already present in the mind of the person. Testosterone is a hormone that triggers the of males. This can be the reason why males make up the large community of preggophiles. Preggophilia in some cases can also affect the mental health of the affected. If you are a preggophile and you cannot control your emotions, it can cause problems in your daily life, and eventually, these problems


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