Dreamtime Healer

In addition to being a remote distance healer, I can also be contacted for help and healing during your dreams. We all enter into different realms of experience during sleep: physical, astral, and other types of dreamworlds (or – planes). Because of this: it is possible to make contact with me in one form or another while you are dreaming. I work with people who want to improve their health through their dreams, people looking for answers about things happening in their life right now AND those who wish to understand the larger picture that includes them.

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High Ranker is a self-taught psychologist and a freelance writer. He graduated in botany and likes to describe himself as a nature lover. He spends most of his time exploring different subjects and navigating existing academic research. He has a profound interest in health sciences and issues related to scientific research. When he's not writing something, you can find him talking to random people, reading a book, or gardening at home.

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